49ers vs. Packers Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2021

49ers vs. Packers Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2021

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers

second down and six rogers slings it pass caught devonta adams to the 49. on second down rogers jones out of the backfield hit in stride and down inside the 35. rogers over the middle pass is caught that's allowed them to hold up pass to adams he's got another here is dylan able to plow ahead to the six [Applause] dylan again he is in for the touchdown [Applause] on third down garoppolo sacked zadarius smith welcome back [Applause] there's another catch

 fourth of the game already for adams second down and three little toss to jones running right first down plus out across the 40. and he is still plowing ahead they are getting taken right now rogers jones full head of steam to win 39 games over his first three years rogers lewis balls out that's a fumble and it is san francisco's football third down and five packers get a

 [Applause] on third down rogers protection breaks down rogers to his right throws down field for daphne incomplete [Applause] and well played by the san francisco defense fourth down elijah mitchell was not playing in that game but they have been outstanding here in this first half kettle dropped it you can see the middle of the field i mean you don't get

 many teams trying to play george kettle that way one of their best players can't make the play here's one to jennings off his hands and incomplete and so he's not able to hold this ball as long as he would [Applause] rogers is sacked and getting him from down underneath is ebucon extra men on the rush garoppolo is sacked again brought down by rashaan gary for the second time tonight third down and six

 pass is caught devonta adams first down rogers slings it to jones long way to go makes a nice move doesn't get it jimmy ward with a strong tackle to force fourth down second and ten pass to kittle wow what a catch was he inbounds also the only place that garoppolo could have put that ball to even give him a chance they hand the ball to mitchell spinning as he got to the line and we'll see where they put him down about a yard short [Applause] garoppolo

 has to step up and now just flips it pass caught by mitchell and he's down near the 31. mitchell heating up has some room lowers his shoulder and takes it to the 25 where he's hit by chandan sullivan second and four here's a toss to him broke one tackle and gets a first down four first downs on this possession none before that garoppolo over the middle kennel first and goal first down and goal mitchell to the four but a flag flies holding offense number 71 10 yard penalty repeat first down the 11th

 penalty on trent williams this season garoppolo avoids a sack and now throws to the end zone where he's picked intercepted by amos we've seen it too many times from jimmy garoppolo last week the rest of the team was able to bail him out and come away with any kind of points pass is caught by jones he's out of bounds third down and three rogers steps through he's got jones

 jones wide open down inside the 15. rogers ball gets hit it is on the ground and let's see who comes away with it [Applause] nick bosa forced the fumble packers have it but the clock continues to run so they avoid the turnover good snap good hold and the kick is blocked special teams who blocks the three-point field goal attempt here's a return by debo samuel and debo this pays off for the 49ers he is brought down near midfield well they've had good starting field position they've just been unable to do anything with it mitchell with some

 running room off to the right and here they are with second and five for the green bay 45 and a toss to samuel off to mitchell for the first down no catches for devo until now makes the catch nice move inside and rumbles inside the 20. devo again talking to his wide receivers coach wes welker when he came to the sidelines second down to four here's mitchell now trying to get to the edge throws a stiff arm into stokes and sets up first and goal i got a flag at the end of

 that play personal foul face mask offense number 25 15-yard penalty from the spot of the foul screen for samuel [Applause] he's going to take it down to the 11 where it will be fourth down and gold remains perfect in his postseason career [Applause] third down and ten rogers underneath the jones greenlaw makes the play and after the 49ers get on the board the defense forces it three and out some things second and ten here is a toss to mitchell who cuts back and mitchell knocked down near the 32.

 garoppolo is wrapped up kenny clark [Applause] he gets it here they would do instead they've gone with billy turner acosta jones jones and dylan on first down jones they got him and he has a lot of trust in him jones [Applause] they do and they do what a catch by adams but they haven't had an answer for either one [Applause] rogers throws there's adams and he gets [Applause] roger's pass is caught that's lazard his first of the night [Applause] roger sacked back at the 15. play made by armstead bosa was in as well to keep this a one possession game 33-yard try and it's good back down by seven spins hands to

 mitchell a nice gain on first down cold night at lambeau second and three they hand to use check first time he's touched it tonight there's no doubt you you're gonna have to get a play somewhere along the line he throws to kettle there's a play first down inside the 30. handoff to debo samuel here's the one-on-one at the bottom passes caught jennings short of first down yardage as amos makes the sure-handed tackle he does but you got to believe they're going for it here and mitchell won't get it packers

 defense steps up third down and eight rogers is sacked armstead and that's five sacks for this defense in each of the last three games and it's blocked up into the air and spinning inside the 10. picked up in a touchdown ifanga got the return for the touchdown after the block by jordan willis and the special teams packers has given up they had the block field goal before the end of the half and now the block punted

 results in a touchdown [Music] it's why the 40 quick snap rogers gonna air it out looking for adams and incomplete to bring up fourth down pass is caught and then out across the 40 to the 41 for a first down toss to mitchell garoppolo pass is caught samuel debo gets it samuel breaks a couple of tackles doing it all first down inside the 30. and to use check [Applause] to send the

 49ers to the nfc championship game kit was down the middle and good 49ers win it [Applause] san francisco is moving on with a 13-10 win here at lambeau and this crowd and that packers team is stunned [Applause] special teams the difference tonight